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  • How to fit & wear AnnaJane's overhead flexi-fit facemasks...

    How to fit & wear AnnaJane's overhead flexi-fit facemasks... Following a couple of requests to demo how to fit and wear the overhead style of facemask that I have been making, I decided to pop this little video & photo guide here for you to see. Includes tips for converting to ear loops if preferred and a peek at my new storage pouches too!
  • Finishing #100daysofmaking

    Were you following along on Instagram?! I wasn't very good at copying my daily updates to here but here's the final one with a collage of all the makes! Hop over to @peaceandcraft on Insta to enjoy a little look back through all the different makes I managed!
  • 100 days of making

    For 2020, I've given myself permission to make just for making alongside the rest of my crafty employments and to see what comes of it. Follow along with my 100daysofmaking if you like.