Charity Connections & Awareness Collaborations

Charitable Connections & Contributions; AnnaJane's Awareness Collaborations

Charitable organisations play an increasingly crucial role in the make up of our civilised society and economy. I have always wanted AnnaJane to support that.

I have been pleased to be able to support a number of registered charities and charitable or community endeavours in various small ways over the years, from providing raffle prizes, to offering pro-bono creative services, to making small financial contributions through specific sales campaigns or one off donations.

I was delighted to be in a position to make my charitable support more regular during 2019-20 by introducing AnnaJane's Awareness Collaborations; a percentage of profits from sales of my #squiffystar collection products was turned into donations every few months for a selection of small registered charities where the proverbial 'every little' is still so meaningful.

While the financial numbers started small due to the scale of my small business, I also maximise collaborations to add value to my support by using opportunities to raise awareness for the charity and their goals wherever possible.

If you have a suggestion for a small charity or for a collaboration to support one, please send me a message to:


2019-20 SUPPORT:

January 2020: Alex Doerr for Bliss, London Marathon

Alex is an amazing woman, a top Doctor, a great twin mum (& running!) friend and an inspiration on many many levels. She says: "I'm running the London Marathon 2020 to raise money for Bliss - a charity that works towards giving every baby born premature or sick in the UK the best chance of survivial and quality of life. This fantastic charity also supports families of these amazing babies. I've seen the charity from both sides - at work and when my boys were in the NICU."

I have first hand experience of the benefits of top notch healthcare for premature babies myself and I fully support Alex in her choice of cause to run for. A percentage of #squiffystar sales will be going towards Alex's fundraising this quarter and I wish her all the very best with her run. You can support her further if you feel moved to at:


July 2019: One Earth - StopEcocide Festival     

A dear friend is organising an epic family event on 14th September 2019 in support of a wider cause seeking to change the law & get ecocide (serious loss, damage or destruction of ecosystems including climate and cultural damage) recognised as an international crime. It's a big project for a big problem, but my small amounts will hopefully boost @yogaforhersoul's efforts so a percentage of #squiffyearth sales plus a tangible treat or two will be going her way to help her #stopecocide & un-squiffy our lovely Earth a bit. Check back here soon for full details of the event, how you can enjoy it & how you can get your own #squiffyearth.


April 2019: Safe and Sound Group -

safe & sound group logo     

Safe and Sound is a highly-regarded local charity which specialises in grassroots work across Derbyshire that transforms the lives of children and young people who are victims or are at risk of child sexual exploitation (CSE).  They support individuals to move forward with their lives and raise awareness of the issue amongst local communities. Visit their website to read more about their work and goals.

A few years ago, I was involved in the production of the excellent, powerful and (rightly) harrowing BBC drama 'Three Girls' with my daughters. The experience highlighted for me just how appallingly unaware we were/are of some truly awful things that go on right under our noses. As a parent, I want my daughters to grow up in a safer, more aware & more supportive world. 'Three Girls' is also where they & I met the fantastic actress Molly Windsor who deservingly won a BAFTA for her role in the dramatisation. Molly has since introduced me this superb small charity & this is where I am choosing to pledge my first round of support.