2020: Finishing #100daysofmaking

2020: Finishing #100daysofmaking

Were you following along on Instagram?! I wasn't very good at copying my daily updates to here but here's the final one with a collage of all the makes! Hop over to @peaceandcraft on Insta to enjoy a little look back through all the different makes I managed!

And so there we go...
#100daysofmaking from stash and scraps. Complete. Swipe to see! Slightly protracted, but quite a journey. What have I discovered/remembered/affirmed?
✂️ I have a lifetime's worth of crafting scope in my stash.
✂️I love scraps.
✂️Creating something from what you have is still the greatest satisfaction.
✂️Making for the sake of making is where the best ideas start.
✂️There's always more to learn.
✂️Practice & commitment really does make all the difference.
✂️So does following instructions, sometimes for the better.
✂️Making well fitting clothes is highly rewarding but it hurts my brain.
✂️Free motion thread drawing is one of my favourite 'mediums' but it hurts my neck and shoulders.
✂️Wire writing is still something I always come back to and love doing but it hurts my fingers.
✂️I don't really like pompoms, and they hurt my throat!
✂️I need new glasses.
✂️I love collage and mixed media. I forget this often.
✂️I still love small, miniature and tiny details.
✂️I don't paint or draw enough.
✂️A lot of the crafts I like to repeat, practice and return to involve single lines.
✂️Even mini makes 'count' and bolster one's practice.
✂️100 makes plus a lot of workshop & project kits sent out has still barely dented my stash.
✂️Making gets me through the hard days and turns the good ones extra shiny.
✂️My children both have excellent imagination & creative vision far beyond my own.
✂️I work alongside some very talented & generous artists and creators.
✂️I am passionate about the effects of crafting and creativity as a tool for selfcare and headspace.
✂️I liked the 'permission' the project has given me to share even inconsequential makes.
✂️Everything needs scissors and there are scissors for everything.
So, what next?

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