2023: Scrapcrafting rhythms

2023: Scrapcrafting rhythms

My blog posting is sporadic at best. But this year and season brings a time for another reframing, which *might* result in more writing, who knows?!

I'm doing more scrapcrafting than anything else craft wise these days and finding all very rewarding - the bitesize focus; the freedom to flit between craft genres, materials and techniques; the grounding comfort of the needles and thread to which I so often gravitate back; the unpredictable rabbit holes it all unearths.

Hosting regular group 'courses' of workshop sessions brings a collaborative way of exploring - a marvellous sense of community and solidarity in our obsession with interesting textiles, scrummy scraps, making things out of nothings... a feeling of having found one's tribe! It's not just me that's mad about not wasting a scrap and finding ways to make beautiful things out of the loveliest little pieces.

The stash in my studio grows despite my fervent attempts to dent it with workshops & scrap buffets. Another cull must be imminent before I lose every shred of potential workspace - workspace for, you know, actual creative work and MAKING, rather than box and basket shuffling and materials sorting. 

Another 100 day project looms in a few weeks time. I abstained from the 2021 project due to illness and other distractions. And promptly regretted it, making up for it in part with an unfinished tag-making challenge instead. Perhaps I'll embrace the rhythm of the 100 days again this year - it's always worked wonders for me before.

Calming effects of crafting remain strong and proven. I find myself noticing more than ever when I've let my own creativity slip & slide amongst the more accountable parts of my to-do list.

Ever seeking that elusive balance.

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