2023 - 100 days of scrapcraft

2023 - 100 days of scrapcraft

I nearly decided not to 100dayproject this year. It felt like one thing too many to think about. But then I remembered that the reason it has worked well for me before, has been that it became a structural & driving tool for the project(s) I was going to do/wanted to do anyway, rather than a separate extra thing on the to do list. I remembered how it actually helps and makes the 'getting things done' stuff easier because of the accountability.

So here we are. This year I am aiming for #100daysofscrapcraft, in line with most of my current projects and priorities. Intentions and goals are...

  • to make in some form every day.
  • to regularly check that my various scrapcraft projects, whether solo works, insta challenges, bought/borrowed patterns, attended workshops, projects for my own hosted ones, or just improv making, are all stepping me towards practising, honing, exploring & understanding whatever (if anything) is 'my own style'.
  • a daily focus on progressing my own textile art through both 2D and 3D formats. 

Within this, I hope to revisit and develop some of my recent experiments and ongoing fascinations, such as scrapscapes, blended textile & photography pieces, sculptural wire & textile creatures, pieced vessels, small textile collage artworks, miniature creations, mended and embellished clothing...

I will embrace inspiration - pick and choose projects, patterns, challenges and inspirations that encourage my own trajectory, support the makers that inspire me and understand that I will inevitably make any resulting work my own, seeing each experience and practice as a building block of my own style rather than overthink about using others' ideas at the expense of having my own.

Let's find out a bit about what makes something an AnnaJane piece!

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