#peaceandcraft Craft Workshops

Peaceful & satisfying craft sessions in inspiring environments. Designed for all abilities using interesting, beautiful materials and always encouraging mindfulness and a focus on the process rather than the products.

  • Creative social gatherings;
  • Timeout for busy or full heads;
  • 'Busy fingers' distractions & self-caring creativity;
  • Multi-ability, accessible and unusual crafts;
  • Diverse crafts & materials including textiles, wire, paper, felt, thread, vintage & upcycled fabrics, haberdashery & notions.

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Peace & Craft with AnnaJane

Anna Marshall is a multi-discipline crafter and hosts her Peace&Craft workshops around the Cotswolds and online. Growing up in a family of lots of different kinds of handcrafters and inheriting a pre-disposition for using what you have, Anna has tried most crafts over the years, enjoyed the majority, favoured & practiced several and collected skills, techniques & inspirations along the way to create her own blended style of 'Scrapcraft' - stitching, snipping, sticking and sketching.

After an eclectic career path, Anna is now a parent of primary age twins and works out of her home studio in South Gloucestershire, selling her own range of created, collected & curated scrapcraft supplies & kits and other handcrafted products. She frequently hosts creative sessions for an organisation supporting new mothers facing post-natal challenges as well as her own scrapcrafting workshops.

Anna likes to work alongside participants for a relaxed, inspirationally creative environment. Her sessions are accessible for all abilities and often include demonstrations, techniques & examples with a 'Scraps Buffet' of inspirational materials rather than step by step projects. Anna will always encourage recycling, reclamation, 'make do and mend' and using every scrap, alongside helping her students find peace & self-care through a focus on the process over results.