Caring for your #squiffystar - Washing Washable Paper!

The washable paper I use to make the #squiffystar range is amazing stuff. It's strong, durable & incredibly versatile. The metallic options have a special coating which benefits from careful handling in your laundry. Part of the fascinating character of these papers is how much they change over time and through washing, taking on an increased texture, looking more & more like worn leather and the metallic ones may start to show a distressed worn effect as some of the coating wears away. This is an advertised characteristic of the product and one that many customers adore even more than the original shiny paper!

If you wish to prolong the shine and coating as long as possible, a few simple laundering notes can help:

* wash inside out so the paper is protected within the garment.

* avoid fabric softener if you can. Some (not all) softeners and some (not all) of the papers appear to not get on very well! It's a bit of an ongoing gamble-game trying to work out which combinations cause more or less wear and it's still a very young product line! ;)

* avoid tumble drying or other excess heat.

* never iron directly onto the paper, especially the metallic ones. If you need to iron the garment, always do it on the reverse.

* avoid stickers or badges on the paper - my girls & I found out the hard way that stickers can pull bits of the metallic coating off when they got their names put on them at a theatre show!

* avoid fierce creases across the design if you need to fold your garment to store or pack - try to fold around it or roll it instead.


* Has your #squiffystar worn down too quickly for your liking or been damaged? Get in touch and send me a picture. I do have a refurb service available which we can discuss options for depending on your unique situation. Never be nervous to get in touch. Nothing matters more to me than you being happy with your purchase and wanting to use it as much as possible.