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Collection: Custom Applique

Have an organic cotton t-shirt, sweatshirt, cotton tote, cotton drawstring backpack or nylon kit-bag decorated especially for you with a design & colourway of your choice.

Adult and child sizes available; designs include birthday numbers, initials, vehicles, beautiful things and a whole parade of animals.

Visit our facebook page (@annajanedesigns) to see lots more pictures of finished items for inspiration.

All augmentations, customisations and personalisations are entirely crafted by hand using my original designs and a range of fabrics in my own natural & 'deliberately rustic', free-motion embroidered style.

Every item is unique and pictures show examples made previously - tell us your favoured colourway(s) and we'll handpick a unique selection for your items. Finished pieces are always machine washable and designed with children in mind!

Special custom requests come in all the time and have included a bicycle, a unicorn, a chameleon, a lemur, a jellyfish, a superhero, an MX5, a mermaid, a VW Bug, a lighthouse, a jeep, a Land-rover & even an ankylosaurus! Premium bespoke orders may incur a small extra charge towards the personal design & make time. Most things can be created - I strongly recommend getting in touch before purchasing if you have something specific in mind.

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