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How to fit & wear AnnaJane's overhead flexi-fit facemasks...

Following a couple of requests to demo how to fit and wear the overhead style of facemask that I have been making, I decided to pop this little video & photo guide here for you to see! Please do ask any questions and I'll do my best to answer. I'm no expert on these things, but I've found this style to be one of the most flexible when it comes to fitting a good range of different head sizes and faceshapes as well as possible. I hope you are getting the most out of yours. Once fitted to you, tied off, familiar and comfortable, please wash your mask before use in public and try to touch it as little as possible while putting it on and taking it off! Don't follow my terrible touchy example here!

See my listings for new keyring storage pouches to complete your set and keep your mask clean from the wash in your bag, pocket or car. 


Make bottom loop as large as possible (by sliding mask along the stretchy strings towards the knot), and place over head like a necklace with lining facing outwards. [Bottom is the side with no knot (& a chin dart on adults)]

Slide mask back up the strings to sit under your chin.

Place mask over chin, mouth and nose. Pull top loop (with knot) over head like an air hostess fitting an oxygen mask. Adjust the gathering and slackness of strings at each side for a snug comfortable fit around your face. ** When wearing for the first time, you may like to untie the loose knot at this stage and retie the strings behind your head for a tighter or looser fit.**



To convert to ear loops style instead: Untie the string knot. Cut the string at the half way point on the other side of the mask. Retie one cut end to each of the original ends to form ear loops on each gathered side as shown.

Don’t forget to visit annajane.co.uk or contact Anna for a purpose designed washable pouch with clip or keyring to keep your freshly washed mask(s) clean in your bag, pocket or car.

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