Vintage Button Bicycle Jewellery

These popular bicycle designs from our jewellery line, reGEMerate, are crafted with reclaimed & vintage buttons and sterling silver wire and fittings before being mounted onto floating-effect necklaces and pin brooches.

Each Button Bicycle is unique or very limited edition so the images here simply give an indication of the range of styles. To see those currently available, visit a stockist or shop online and find your own perfect Vintage Button Bicycle. If you can't find one you love, get in touch and tell us - we love a commission!

Vintage Button Bicycle cardsKnow someone with a celebration coming up who'd love this design but isn't really into jewellery? Take look at our matching greetings cards and wine glass charms. Or if it's a really special occasion, you could even theme party invitations or wedding stationery & favours around Button Bicycles (yes, we can do a tandem..!)


Vintage Button Bicycle Necklaces & Pins

Individually handcrafted silver wire bicycle charms with vintage buttons for wheels, floating on an 'invisible' thread of tiger tail wire and fitted with a silver lobster clasp.

  • neckl: candyfloss
  • neckl: cherry
  • neckl: chestnut
  • neckl: damson
  • neckl: fudge
  • neckl: lime
  • neckl: morello
  • neckl: peppermintcream
  • neckl: sherbert
  • neckl: spearmint
  • neckl: toffee
  • neckl: walnut

Individually handcrafted silver wire bicycle charms with vintage buttons for wheels, mounted on a sturdy pin back, for characterful decoration of bags, lapels, hats, headbands... let your imagination choose!

  • buttonbicyclepins
  • pin: banana
  • pin: bubblegum
  • pin: chocolate
  • pin: nectarine
  • pin: parmaviolet


Vintage Button Bicycle cardsLove these but not quite suitable for the person you have in mind in these formats? Our Vintage Button Bicycle greetings cards or wine glass charms may be just what you need...

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